Ergonomic solutions offered by SIA “Uudwood”


This table is created to maximize your everyday comfort for using it in bed or sofa.
Table surface is 34×60 cm, divided in two parts. Surface on the left has adjustable slope in two positions, surface on the right is horizontally fixed.
Thickness in closed position – 3 cm, height in opened position – 24 cm.
Because of foldable legs, it is slim and practical to keep it in horizontal or vertical position when you are not using it.
For comfortable moving and storage, it has folding handle.
Weight – 2 kg.


You don’t need to discard your existing table to get height-adjustable desk.
This table turns any regular table into a standing desk.
It’s easy to use. Simply push the handle to unlock it and and lift table up. Raise or lower the desk to your specific height. It has 5 height options to find your comfortable working position.
Table thickness unopened – 2.5 cm.
Maximum height – 36 cm.
Table surface – 34×60 cm.
Weight – 3 kg.


Laptop stand gives you an opportunity to lift laptop screen at eye height to help release pressure to your neck.

Stand is suitable for all laptop sizes.

Material – Baltic birch plywood.

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