LEB seminar “Personal Protective Equipment Compliance: ergonomics and innovation” in cooperation with RTU PPE Laboratory

On the 13th of June 2024, the Latvian Ergonomics Society in cooperation with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Laboratory of Riga Technical University (RTU) organised a seminar “Personal Protective Equipment Compliance: ergonomics and innovations”. Professor Inga Dāboliņa, Head of the RTU PPE Laboratory, shared the latest developments in PPE testing and test application. LEB members […]

82nd scientific conference of the University of Latvia. Section: Human factors, ergonomics and working environment, industrial engineering

On 23rd if February 2024, the University of Latvia in collaboration with Latvian Ergonomics Society organised a session “Human Factors, Ergonomics and the Working Environment, Industrial Engineering” within the framework of the International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia. The conference was attended by more than 95 participants and the latest findings in the […]

25th Anniversary of Realizing Ergonomics Education in The Estonian University of Life Sciences

On October 25, 2023, LES President Ženija Roja and board Member Henrijs Kaļķis welcomed colleagues from the Estonian University of life Sciences (Tartu, Estonia) for their 25-year anniversary since conducting study courses in ergonomics and speaking at an international seminar organised with the presentation “Organisational Ergonomics: Trends and challenges in modern Business Environment”.

Night of scientists at University of Latvia

Members of the Latvian Ergonomics Society, who are also academic staff of the University of Latvia, in cooperation with LU doctoral students, graduate students and undergraduate students,  as part of the night of scientists organized the event  “Human factor, ergonomics and effective business management” on September 29, 2023. Those interested were able to find out […]

Radio recording – Radio NABA

On September 21, 2023, LEB board Member Henrijs Kalkis appeared on Radio NABA “On behalf of Science” programme on the following topics: What should everyone know about human-environmental relationships, or ergonomics? Why follow the 20-20-20 principle? How will artificial intelligence affect the working environment? How do you think ergonomically? How do I stay healthy in […]

International Conference “Professional Ergonomist in Today’s Business environment”

The Latvian Ergonomics Society, in cooperation with the University of Latvia,on 24th of May, 2023 organised the international scientific conference “Professional Ergonomist in Today’s Business Environment”, which was attended by the world’s leading scientists and experts in the field of ergonomics. Conference program: Human factors and ergonomics development in Latvia,  Prof. Zenija Roja and Prof. […]

Seminar in ergonomis about the topic “Exoskeletons. Human at the work environment, reducing fatigue and avoiding injuries”

On 30th March 2023, seminar “Exoskeletons. Human at the work environment, reducing fatigue and avoiding injuries” was organized  by the Latvian Ergonomics society and Hartico OÜ. The aim of this seminar was to educate participants both theoretically and practically about the importance of exoskeletons, how a proper exoskeleton can prevent work injuries, reduce fatigue by […]

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