European Ergonomists in Baltics

Latvian Ergonomics Society (LES) has been admitted to CREE

National assessment board (NAB) has been established in Latvia (since November, 2015):

  • The National assessment board president is Henrijs Kalkis,, Eur.Erg.


  • Zenija Roja,, Eur.Erg.
  • Artis Ruiss, MSc., Eur.Erg.
  • Ricards Balnass, MSc., Eur.Erg.
  • Triinu Sirge, MSc. Eur.Erg. (Estonia)
  • Secretary is Inese Vilcane, MSc.

Do you want to become Certified European Ergonomist? Please contact us for more detailed information.

The minimum requirements for registration as a European Ergonomist (Eur.Erg.) cover the following components:

  1. Education: Three years at university level, at least one of which is dedicated to ergonomics.
  2. Supervised Training: One year.
  3. Professional Experience: Two years following supervised training.
    The title European Ergonomist (Eur.Erg.) will be granted to a candidate who provides satisfactory evidence of all three components.

More information on European Ergonomist register you can find here:

LES Certified European Ergonomics in Latvia:

  • Zenija Roja (since 2013, valid till 2028)
  • Henrijs Kalkis (since 2013, valid till 2028)
  • Ricards Balnass (since 2014, valid till 2025)
  • Renars Capla (since 2016, valid till 2026)
  • Mihails Perminovs (since 2016, valid till 2026)
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  • Artis Ruiss (since 2017, valid till 2027)
  • Dagnis Garais (since 2018, valid till 2023)
  • Inese Vilcane (since 2018, valid till 2023)
  • Anatolijs Roganovs (since 2022, valid till 2027)
  • Ieva Kalve (since 2023, valid till 2028)
  • Sabīne Mikulāne-Dzelzkalēja (since 2023, valid till 2028)

LES Certified European Ergonomics in Estonia:

  • Triinu Sirge (since 2017, valid till 2027)

  • Märt Reinvee (since 2022, valid till 2027)
  • LES Certified European Ergonomics in Lithuania:

    • Kazys Algirdas Kaminskas (since 2016)

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