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The association brings together occupational health and safety professionals, business leaders, occupational health care doctors, researchers, academics, students, and other professionals.

Latvian Ergonomics Society Mission:

Latvian Ergonomics Society mission is to promote ergonomics scientific and practical development as well as understanding among society about ergonomics essence in human life and work quality.

Latvian Ergonomics Society Goals:

  • Develop understanding about ergonomics essence in providing human life quality as well as work life quality.
  • Educate public in ergonomics field by working out necessary guidelines and by popularizing good praxis example in Latvia and other places in Europe.
  • Educate members of society, employers and employees with training of ergonomics risk factors identification, assessment and prevention.
  • Promote science based practical and businesslike research projects in ergonomics and joined fields (in workload ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics, organizations and design ergonomics).
  • Take part in legislation work development that is essential for ergonomics, including occupational health as well as labor protection questions, collaborating with necessary ministries and other governmental institutions.
  • Promote ergonomics discipline development as separate science branch in Latvia and develop profession – ergonomist – also taking part in profession standard development.
  • Promote collaboration with governmental (societies) and nongovernmental organizations that grapple with ergonomics questions and problems

Latvian Ergonomics Society acquired the status of a scientific institution in Latvia (Reg.No. 464112, since 19th of May, 2008).

Latvian Ergonomics Society acquired the status of a public benefit organization in the following areas of activity:

  • civil society development;
  • promotion of education;
  • science promotion.

Latvian Ergonomics Society admitted to the International Ergonomics Association (International Ergonomics Association), since 10th of August 2008

Latvian Ergonomics Society Ergonomics Society admitted to the federation (The Federation of European Ergonomics Societies – FEES), since 13th of October 2010

Latvian Ergonomics Society admitted to the Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists (CREE), since June, 2013

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