University of Latvia scientific conference No. 74. session Ergonomics and Work Environment

In collaboration with Latvian Ergonomics Society and Master study program “Work Environment and expertise”

Venue:  19th of February, 2016, 3:00 PM, University of Latvia, Faculty Of Chemistry, Jelgavas Street 1, Academic Center of Natural Sciences

Session Leaders: professor Ženija Roja and assistant professor Henrijs Kaļķis

Conference language: Latvian

Conference handout materials (in Latvian):

Ž. Roja. Actualities of ergonomics and occupational health in Latvia and worldwide.
H. Kaļķis. European certified ergonomists and their advantages in Latvia.
A. Piščeva. Psychosocial risks of railway employees and preventive measures.
I. Vilcāne. Electromagnetic fields as essential environmental risk factor and preventive measures.
S. Rūtiņa-Rūtenberga. Psychosocial risks and workability of employees working in call centers.
I. Reinholds. Experience of the WHO organized seminar in Baltic States “Assessment of the chemical risk impact on human health”.
J. Osipova. Injury risks of workers in health care facilities.
I. Roja. Chronic fatigue syndrome and its prevention possibilities at work.
I. Garteļa. Expertise of the occupational health and safety system and risk assessment at small businesses enterprise.
I. Kantāne. Work environment risk analysis at the clothing store network and preventive measures.
U. Karlsons. Deficiencies in the system of occupational health and safety in Latvia.
D. Garais. Health promotion role in occupational health and safety.

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