Published new book: “Ergonomics in working with digital devices. Practical solutions”.

Digitization has rapidly entered modern life. Human, information and communication technologies (ICT) are an inseparable whole. This is a normal process of technological evolution and it is a reality in our lives. Is it good or bad? The authors have described the most important ergonomic solutions when working with digital devices, incl. working at a computer, working / learning remotely and in person, addressing the health issues of employees / educators in interaction with digital devices.

About the authors:

Zenija Roja and Henrijs Kalkis are professors at the University of Latvia with long-term practical and scientific experience in Ergonomics. Zenija Roja is a certified doctor of occupational diseases and health, a certified European ergonomist (Eur. Erg.), An expert in medicine of the Latvian Council of Science. Since 2006 he has been managing the Latvian Ergonomics Society. Henrijs Kalkis is a member of the board of the Latvian Ergonomics Society, a certified European ergonomist (Eur. Erg.), An expert in management science from the Latvian Science Council.

Book is in Latvian. The book can be purchased at: Latvian Ergonomics Society (

Price: 18 Eur

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