72nd Annual Conference at the University of Latvia

72nd Annual Conference at the University of Latvia

Session: Ergonomics and work environment

21th of February, 2014

Session leaders: professor Valdis Kalkis and asoc. professor Zenija Roja

Presentations at the conference (Provided with permission of all authors, copyrights remains to authors)

1. Mobbing and bossing prevention in contemporary work environment
Inara Roja, Dr. med.; Zenija Roja, Dr.med., as. profesor, University of Latvia
2. Ergonomics workplaces for Social Care workers
Zigrida Zepa, MSc., VSIA “Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital”
3. Health promotion in auto-motive industry
Elina Grivāne MSc., Elina Megne MSc., Kaspars Briedis MSc., University of Latvia
4. Business Efficiency and Ergonomics in Latvian Enterprises
Paula Krumholce, Lauma Legzdina, Riga Stradins University, Henrijs Kalkis, Dr.sc. admin., professor assitant, University of Latvia
5. Physical Activities for Warehouse Workers
Artis Ruiss, MSc. University of Latvia
6. Essentials of Work Permission System in Health and Safety Promotion
Dagnis Garais, University of Latvia
7. Ergonomics thinking process and mental aspects
Lasma Latsone, PhD, York St. John University; Ligita Landzmane, Mg.iur; Mg.paed., University of Latvia
8. Psychological and emotional factors for Social Service Workers
Uldis Karlsons, MSc., Latvian Agricultural University

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