Application of autogenous training in stressful situations in neurological practice

Nowadays, stress is an integral part of everyday life. In small doses, it motivates thinking and action. But if there is too much stress, it negatively affects a person’s physical and mental well-being. At present, the Latvian society does not have sufficient information about preventive measures to reduce or prevent stress, psychophysical self-regulation techniques. Therefore, the aim of this work is to draw readers’ attention to autogenic training as an activating psycho-preventive method in the prevention of symptoms caused by physical and mental stress.
The book is intended for neurologists, family doctors, occupational health and disease doctors, psychologists, students, as well as other interested parties, incl. employers and employees.

Author: Inara Roja, Dr. med., certified neurologist

The book can be purchased at: Latvian Ergonomics Society (

Price: 5 Eur

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