Computer ergonomics and health promotion at work

Many have heard of computer ergonomics, but few have thought about its essence. Computer ergonomics allows an institution, company or other work organization to skillfully organize and manage work processes, provide employees with an orderly and healthy work environment, achieve the set goals, gain an efficient workforce and a positive reputation. Scientists have shown that systematic ergonomic planning in the workplace and its implementation improves the physical and mental well-being of employees. Computer ergonomics reduces occupational diseases and the associated financial costs.

There are 7 manifestations of ill health in computer communication:

  1. visual overload syndrome (RPS);
  2. carpal tunnel syndrome (KKS);
  3. spinal syndrome (MS);
  4. Respiratory or respiratory syndrome (RS);
  5. circulatory congestion syndrome: head, abdominal organs, legs (ACSS);
  6. skin problem syndrome (APS): contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, etc .;
  7. chronic fatigue syndrome (HNS).


Zenija Roja,, Certified doctor of occupational diseases and health, certified European ergonomist (Eur.Erg.), Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Ergonomics Society
Henrijs Kalkis, Dr. sc. admin., certified European ergonomist (Eur. Erg.), member of the board of the Latvian Ergonomics Society
Inara Roja,, Certified neurologist, member of the Latvian Society of Ergonomics

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