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We live in an age of rapid environmental, demographic and technological change. The introduction of new work models and new technologies has created new challenges for ergonomics professionals. Every sector of the economy is increasingly focused on increasing productivity, technological development, ensuring entrepreneurship and the long-term competitiveness of the organization. Production automation and robotics are important, which is one of the goals of technical progress. The scientific monograph “Human Factor and Ergonomics at Work” will help everyone to understand the importance of ergonomics in the work process, to understand that all of the considered areas of ergonomics are interrelated, that a person at work and his work abilities, limitations, requirements are indispensable in any organization.

About the authors:

Zenija Roja and Henrijs Kalkis are professors at the University of Latvia with long-term practical and scientific experience in Ergonomics. Zenija Roja is a certified doctor of occupational diseases and health, a certified European ergonomist (Eur. Erg.), An expert in medicine of the Latvian Council of Science. Since 2006 he has been managing the Latvian Ergonomics Society. Henrijs Kalkis is a member of the board of the Latvian Ergonomics Society, a certified European ergonomist (Eur. Erg.), An expert in management science from the Latvian Science Council.

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